On fire

A Spirit on Fire

My spirit is on FIRE today! 

Unfortunately, it’s not on fire for the best reasons.  It’s on fire because things are not going my way and I became frustrated… and mad.   Not at any one thing or at any person, just at circumstances, just at life. 

Do you remember a time that you had a fire in your belly, in your heart, or in your spirit – and you became so focused on the things that caused that fire and why you became so annoyed to begin with? 

Do you wish, like I do, that we had that same fire for sharing…

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So long 2017...

And with the snap of a finger/in the blink of an eye...2017 is gone!

With 2 precious kids at home, I want time to stand still (preferably before the teenage years start lol - what? you are supposed to be specific in your prayers ha ha.)

So I joke but, time seems to go by faster and faster each year.  As a kid I thought summer break would never get here and oh how I enjoyed those 2 months of pure bliss.  Now summer break arrives before I know it, and I'm clamoring to make last minute plans for my kids - and…

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Having a blast in North Carolina

This weekend so far has been so great and we haven't even got to Saturday yet.  We've done a few seminars, met some new friends and fellow artists, met some world-wide famous artists, and had some great food and great music.   Tomorrow we look forward to being presenters with Aaron Coker Band at the awards show announcing 3 awards, and also hearing our names announced as 2 nominees for Best Group and Best New Song.  Although we may not win this year, (and will feel honored if we do) this has been just a…

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Packing for North Carolina

It's hard to believe, but it's time for the 2017 Artists Music Guild Heritage Awards.  As you may remember, last year we won Best Album, and this year we're nominated for Best Group and Best New Song for "To Honor You" written by Kevin McIver.  So we're packing our bags this week, and making sure we're packing for warm weather too, getting the vehicles ready, and we're heading north.  North Carolina that is.  We're doubly excited because this year we've been asked to be presenters.  How cool is that?  So…

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Changes are in the air Podcast

August 31, 2017 

Change is sometimes hard and oftentimes bittersweet.  With sadness, we announce that Allison Walker will be retiring from Nevaeh at the end of the year; but we are also excited to welcome Melissa Jolly, who will fill the position in January

Allison has been a familiar presence with Nevaeh from the beginning and has made numerous contributions to the success of the group, including her warm vocals on the award-winning album, Love Enough. 

Allison writes, “With much love to Kathleen…

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Amg 2017

Exciting news from the AMG

We are so excited to announce that the Artists Music Guild has given us a nomination for Group of the Year.  What a blessing.

Abc july

A Year in Review - God's Blessings (with Pics)

Wishing You a Happy New Year all the way from New York to Florida!   
I (April) have had the pleasure of spending the last week in New York with my husband and 2 kids.  We have loved every minute.  From experiencing their 1st plane ride to visiting Central Park, the Museum where Night at the Museum was filmed, Ice Skating, and enjoying the splendor of the city - this has been a vast contrast to what we are used to at home in Florida. 
As we have experienced these firsts and as we approach the new year, it…

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Worthy of Forgiveness? Who me? Podcast

If you have been in church for anytime you have heard the music minister talk about God being worthy of our praise. But did you hear when the pastor said that you are worthy of forgiveness? Maybe this is just a ‘woman thing’ but why is it hard to forgive ourselves? And why is hard for anyone to forgive those that we love who hurt us? It is easier to forgive a stranger than to forgive our spouse, parent, family member, or friend for hurting us. You know who doesn’t have any trouble with forgiveness? God. But…

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Retreat 21

What Is Your Christian Testimony? Podcast

As I finished listened to the speaker at this weekend’s ladies retreat give her testimony I began to think ‘what is a testimony?’, ‘why are people uncomfortable sharing their testimony?'

I’ve been in church since I was in middle school and I always thought that a testimony is only the story about how our life led us to the point of asking God to come into our heart and save us from our sins. But, is that my only testimony? What about all the times God has continued to forgive me, show me mercy, grace, take…

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In the eye of the storm

Praying for all those in the path of Hurricane Matthew including all those in our home base of Palm Coast and Elkton, Florida.  

On our way home tonight this song came on the radio. As I sang this with my 10 and 6 year old, I HEARD the words and wow! what a Godly timed reminder. May it bless your soul and bring you peace over the coming days as we weather this storm. Be it a physical storm, emotional, spiritual, or the storms of life that come our way - Our God has us in the palm of His hand and we can be…

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Tonight's Match: God - 1, Satan - 0 Podcast

Thank you to First Baptist of Lake Panasoffkee for hosting us tonight. We had a wonderful concert, a great time of fellowship, and an awesome time praising the Lord! 

Have you heard the term 'the devil's in the details'? Well, the devil was at work from first thing this morning all the way through the sound check (before our 6pm concert). He tried to take our joy through different circumstances, he tried to prevent the lyrics for the sign language interpreters from getting over, he tried to prevent our…

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Maybe I Don't.... But God's Got This Podcast

Why is it so hard to learn to let go, and let God? Our human nature is to want control. We want to be in charge. But if you have been a christian for any amount of time, you know that when you and I are in control - it never turns out as good as it would have with GOD in control. And many times, we mess it all up.  

When life isn't going as we planned - we tend to bend a knee and ask God for guidance and help. We should do the same when the storm clouds are over us, too. Life won't always be mountain tops…

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Who's Power Are You Walking In? Podcast

When you're living in HIS power instead of YOUR power, then politics, the bank account, and the diagnosis have no power over you.

Music for the soul

Is Music Good for the Soul? Podcast

Feeling better today. Seriously never realized what a day of rest can do for the body in helping it to heal. Also started to feel like my soul got a good boost too - from singing last night at rehearsal!   So it got me thinking again...and this blog came about...

Is there evidence that music is good for the soul?  Do you ever feel better because of the music you listen to?  Does your day start out bad but then you noticed you were having a better day after jamming out to music for even just 10 minutes…

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Our God is Bigger Than a Box!

He holds us in the palm of his hands. He knows the number of hairs on our head. And yet, sometimes we still view God as being in a box.   Many have watched God move mountains in their lives.  Watched Him do what they thought was impossible, and it probably was - for anyone BUT GOD.  You see, we are here to testify again today, that our God is a mountain mover.  He takes the "im" out and makes everything possible!   His dreams for all of His children are bigger than we can imagine.  

As you may or may not…

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Happy New Year Podcast

A new year can be exciting...new things, new life experiences. 
A new year can also be sad and scary...changes in life, saying goodbye to the past. 

Maybe you lost a loved one in 2015. 
Maybe you received a new baby into your family in 2015. 

Maybe 2016 will mean a new job or new school, or returning to school after all these years. Whatever 2016 holds, only God knows. But He wants you to know that you don't have to worry; He doesn't want you to look back; Focus on each day and live in 'The Present' that He…

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Thanksgiving in Kentucky

Oh it's nice to leave the nice warm weather of Florida to be able to feel the brisk cool breeze of Kentucky.   I love this time of year to be able to go home and see family, although this year I'm feeling melancholy since my mom went home to be with the Lord this past March.

But I love remembering the good times, and for that I'm thankful.  I'm thankful for a mother who loved the Lord, who did His work, and took care of her family.  I always say that when I grow up I want to be just like her.  So I guess I…Read more
On the fence

What Have You Decided?

I was going through my cell phone trying to clean up some space, like most of us do or have to do from time to time, and I ran across a note that I had saved from 2013.  I read through this "story" - author unknown - again and it's just as powerful today as the first day i saved it.

So the question to you after you read it, is where do you stand?  On the left, the right, or have you decided to make your decision later?  That too is a decision.  Later is not promised to any of us.  I would say, "Won't you let…Read more
Jesus christ the reason for the season

'Tis the... Season?

Tis the season...to start practicing Christmas music!    I know, we can hardly believe it too! But we have already buckled down the last few weeks and we are rehearsing worship songs, patriotic songs, and Christmas songs in order to prepare for the places God is calling us now and through December.    Please pray with us for those that God is also calling to be there. Please pray for us that God would prepare our hearts and give us traveling graces. Thank you in advance for your thoughts and prayers!


Love Enough receives Best Album Nomination

It's just been a busy summer around here.  Schools out, beaches are calling, CD project is completed, release party behind us, vacations are almost over, and here comes August.    We're catching a breather for a week after last night's concert, and getting ready to lead worship next week at PC Bible Church.  A couple of weeks after that, we'll be heading to Atlanta for Labor Day weekend as we get ready for Womenincharg3's Indie Artist Awards. 

We're so excited to have received the nomination for Best…Read more