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Nevaeh ~ heaven spelled backwards ~ is a ministry Trio who sings what you might call blended or soft Contemporary, Inspirational, and (a little bit of) light Southern Gospel music.  Our purpose is to tell you about our Savior, and how He loves you.  "What eye did not see and ear did not hear, and what never entered the human mind - God prepared this for those who love Him."  
1 Corinthians 2:9 (HSCB)

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Our new radio single has been released to radio via radiomusicfm.com.   We're so excited that it made it to the #1 spot the week of 2/26/2016, and is impacting our world for Christ.  Check it out here.  (www.radiomusicfm.com).  Call your local Christian radio station and request "Forever Reign."  You can also order our new project and/or radio single on our music page.



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Maybe I Don't.... But God's Got This  Podcast

Why is it so hard to learn to let go, and let God? Our human nature is to want control. We want to be in charge. But if you have been a christian for any amount of time, you know that when you and I are in control - it never turns out as good as it would have with GOD in control. And many times, we mess it all up.  

When life isn't going as we planned - we tend to bend a knee and ask God for guidance and help. We should do the same when the storm clouds are over us, too. Life won't always be mountain tops…

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